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By John Plummer

Phil Heath warned his rivals at the Olympia press conference he would draw strength from recent personal difficulties to win a third Sandow on Saturday.

Heath said his wife’s battle against breast cancer and his parents’ ill health had inspired him and that the contest held no fears.

“I’m not scared of a damn thing,” he said. “Try watching your wife and parents go through the things mine have been through.”

Asked what he thought of Kai Greene signing a poster ‘2013 Olympia champion’ Heath said he just found it hilarious. “I’ll be signing ‘three-time’ on Sunday,” he said.

Jay Cutler, who is bidding for a fifth Sandow, and Greene both insisted they were happy with their preparations at what was a packed but fairly lacklustre press conference.

Perhaps the biggest talking point was the appearance of Poland’s Robert Piotrkowicz, who confirmed he would be competing just six weeks after triceps surgery.

Victor Martinez likened himself to a virus. “You can’t keep me away,” he said.

But the best quote came from 212 competitor Jose Raymond when he was explaining why his gnarly but not overly aesthetic physique would prevail.

“People don’t go to the circus to see pretty girls,” he said. “They go to see the bearded lady. I’m the bearded lady.”

Additional Images

He's a virus — Victor Martinez

Robert Piotrkowicz, miraculously back from tricep surgery

"I'm the bearded lady." 212 competitor Jose Raymond


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